Everyone loves fragrance in perfume kiosks, it has a good smell and is charming. It’s a great idea to start a business with a nice perfume kiosk. It not only increases the additional value of the perfume kiosk but also makes your perfume shop outstanding. Here is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you. Hope it will give you more good ideas.

Perfume kiosk

Description of perfume kiosk

The perfume kiosk combines with brown and cream color. It creates a high-end shop effect and gives clients a deep impression. It suits an area of 3m by 2m, with different levels of display counters. Merchants can show perfumes in order, samples set here are good for clients to purchase. Click here to view the cosmetic kiosk

Perfume counter

The front counter has a cashier register, which is good for checking bills. The brand name is set on the counter body to remind people of your business. LED light lamps surround the 4 sides to increase the light. If we are going to make full use of the new design drawing. While the 4 corners have brown cabinets with hollow decorations. Which is good for showing the perfume samples, we can also add a light lamp underneath it to make the perfume kiosk look better.

Perfume cabinet

We can also add an oval-shaped mirror near the entrance door, so people can tidy up their appearance conveniently. There is a floor to remind people to enter the open kiosk. It’s also become a part of perfume kiosks increasing an entire effect. Whenever you plan to start a business, contact us and get a unique perfume kiosk design.

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