The food kiosk is good for selling snacks, pizza, bread, and food. Many people plan to start their first career with fast food kiosks. If it’s your first time opening a fast-food kiosk, Congratulations! You are in the correct place. Now, I want to share a nice fast-food kiosk with you. Today, I want to share a nice design with you. Let’s view more options together.

Introduction of fast food kiosk

This fast food kiosk size is 3m by 2m, with a display counter, storage cabinet, menu board, and brand logo wall. We mainly use camel and white color combinations, which highly match the business and make your shop stand out. Materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, making the kiosk look better, and high-level the brand theme.

Fast food booth

There are 2 layer countertops at the front side, with brand signage and a menu attached on the front. So it is good for people to order and pick up food directly. Besides, the curved counter corner makes the food kiosk look good and increases the design sense. It can also protect the poeple from hurt. While the side counter has a big panel covering the glass equipment. We can put up posters to remind people of your business.

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Fast food counter

The back counter is used as a workbench with equipment. People prepare food and drinks here, it has tall panels to prevent customers’ access to the working area. We can also add a water sink for wash and keeping the food kiosk clean. Whenever you plan to start a business, just contact us and view more design options.