With the fast development of society, bubble tea shops are everywhere in the streets and shopping centers. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea shop design with you. It’s for the WECHA brand in the UK. Let’s view more details information together. If you planning to start with a bubble tea shop, don’t forget to get more new bubble tea shop solutions for free.

Bubble tea shop counter

Custom bubble tea shop design

This bubble tea shop includes an L-shaped service counter, a wooden strip ceiling, a TV player for ads, and a menu display. We can also set up dining tables and chairs, feature walls for photo taking, massage walls, etc. So the service counter and tables are set properly according to the shop size. It makes full use of the space and can leave a deep impression on clients.

We Cha shop design

The L-shaped food counter has a cashier counter facing the entrance door. Which is convenient for clients to order. 2 TV players hang on the ceiling, which allows people to view the menu and be attracted by the delicious bubble tea flavors. The side counter is a pick-up counter, with underneath space for fridges. Besides, the rubbish can be set here convenient for staff to use. Businessmen set bubble tea machines, and ice cream machines against the wall. Which can improve workers’ efficiency.

Tea counter

The primary color is white and black, which has a modern and high-end shop theme. We mainly use plywood to build the counters, surface treatment is laminate with a marble texture. Or we can also make it in pure white color to increase a clean and upscale shop theme. There is a yellow-kicking light with golden metal protection, which creates a welcoming feeling for clients. Learn more about bubble tea kiosk

Bubble tea counter

Whenever you plan to start bubble tea shop furniture, please contact us and get more new good ideas. We have a professional design team to come up with new design solutions for you.

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