Candy kiosks became popular among poeple. Because sweet food brings us good spirits and removes stress, people eat dessert and candy daily. It’s a profitable option to open a candy kiosk to make a profit. Here is a classic candy kiosk sharing with you. Many people like this candy kiosk for business.

candy kiosk

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk has a display countertop with four rows of acrylic candy boxes with trays. That’s is convenient to show candy to clients. The middle of the counter has a bridge to hang brand logos, posters, and a TV player. We can also add hollow-out decoration panels that divide the display area into two parts so people can pick up candies on both sides. Besides, under the countertop is a locked cabinet with strip decorations on the cabinet door. That matches the whole shop theme well. We can see the corner has an individual counter for the cashier register. We can add an acrylic panel for better usage.sweet food booth


The candy kiosk uses white and blue colors with wooden frame decoration, looks very high-end and attractive. The color indicates the candy shop theme and helps people remember you well. So merchants can choose kiosk colors that match the brand theme and candy store atmosphere.

nuts display

Material show

The primary material is Plywood with a laminate finish treatment. It’s durable and has strong load-bearing. Stainless steel kicking protects the whole food kiosk. Other materials include acrylic logos, golden wooden modeling decorations, etc. We can also use an artificial stone countertop. Flooring light and under-counter light make the candy kiosk look better.

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