Are you looking for a unique cell phone kiosk? Mobile phone kiosk is a very common kiosk in shopping malls or some stores. Today, I want to share a nice cell phone case kiosk with you. Merchants can use the phone kiosk to display and sell mobile phones, phone cases, and phone accessories and even provide phone repair services. It’s a very popular style in the UK mall.

cell phone kiosk

Custom 3m by 3m phone kiosk design

We can see there are glass showcases surrounding the Mobile phone kiosk, including the display showcase area. Consumers can also view and purchase them properly. Merchants can also attach hollow-out brand names, and signage on the counter body. It’s a  good way to promote your company concept and make the phone shop stand out.

cell phone kiosk cell phone kiosk

Phone kiosk layout

The layout of the mobile kiosk is very clear. This is a square display of the phone case kiosk. You can see that inside the kiosk there will be four square display shelves of the hand cabinet, and its surface is a white and orange theme. It looks like a perfect match. In addition, our display kiosk has a high cabinet for a mobile phone display. Inside, there is a cash register, and the cabinets have lockable doors. At the same time, our posters or store logos will be designed on the surface of the mobile phone display cabinet. The inside of the cabinet can be decorated with light strips for display, which will make the mobile phone clearer display.

cell phone kiosk

Show Detail

The store display of this mobile phone store is a good store design style. You can see that the store in the display case will design a store logo. In addition, we can also design a poster on the front of the cashier desk, which can be electronic or luminous with a logo style. The high cabinets on both sides are designed with mobile phone posters, which is a good marketing display. Customers will see what products are sold in this display rack at first glance. Inside each display stand is a locker with a door, so we can put our phones or things we want in the store inside the locker.