A mobile kiosk refers to a booth without a fixed location, and merchants can start a business at any unfixed mall booth. Merchants can also move them to outdoor malls, street sides, parks, or even open only on holidays. The mobile booths are more flexible and suitable to use. They are usually used to display retail products such as mobile phones, watches, jewelry, clothing, toys, and other products. It is also suitable for mobile restaurants, trolleys, and advertising. Besides, it is also wise to use the mobile showcase for soft openings. Merchants can save much energy and investment by ordering a customize mobile stall for business. Browse the mall kiosk design below for more ideas.

Popular mobile booth types

RMU stallMobile carts widely use and suitable for all industries. We can add wheels for easy movement. For long-distance transportation, we recommend using a truck or trailer. It saves time and effort, and you can quickly start your business. The portable kiosk is suitable for exhibitions, events, promoting products, etc. Here are two popular mobile stand types for your reference.

  • Mobile food kiosk. Mobile food kiosk includes kitchen room, machine space, display area, water sink, etc. Merchants can use it as restaurant trailers in parks, scenic spots, and streets. You can also set up seating areas for guests to relax and enjoy a meal.
  • Mobile retail kiosk. The mall retail kiosk includes glass cabinets on the top. It uses to display all kinds of products to clients. We can make shelf heights and display cases to product dimensions to maximize display space. At the same time, merchants can also customize the color, logo, size, etc.

Mall-Kiosk offers businesses unique portable kiosks and mobile carts. Our company has a professional 3D design team, production team, installation work, and after-sale services. Merchants can enjoy a one-stop service. The primary materials include MDF, plywood, laminate, tempered glass, stainless steel, etc. Welcome to visit our factory and order mobile mall stands.