When I was a child, I often hoped that my family would open a small snack shop, so that there were endless snacks to eat. I think we may all have had such a dream in our childhood. When we grow up, we may have the ability to realize our childhood dreams. This snack kiosk is affordable, whether in the mall or the store, is a good choice.

Size and color

This particular snack display kiosk measures 12 feet by 10 feet. It can provide you with a considerable amount of space to neatly arrange and exhibit a diverse range of snacks and candies to people. The snack display kiosk incorporates two colors – one is blue and the other is white. When these two colors are combined, they have the ability to make people perceive a sense of brightness, freshness, and comfort.

snack kiosk

Display area

On one of the short sides of the kiosk, there exists a shelf with two layers specifically designed for displaying the chips. On top of this shelf, you can settle the juice machine. At its corner, the red Coco Cola freezer is positioned to sell the drinks. On the long side, there are two display counters each featuring 3 layers. We primarily intend these for placing the acrylic boxes that are used to hold and showcase the candies and snacks. Additionally, we can fashion the tops of these counters into signs. Among them, a white counter is situated in the middle. We can utilize it to display snacks and it also functions as the cashier counter.

snack display rack

You can see, the other two sides of the snack display kiosk to showcase a variety of different chips, snacks, candies, and more. We carefully place the snacks inside the acrylic boxes. And we ingeniously design some of the shelves with acrylic edges to prevent the snacks from accidentally falling down. This sizable display kiosk offers you the advantage of being able to stock a large quantity of snacks. Thus, it allows you to commence your business smoothly and successfully.

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