Corn kiosk

Who doesn’t like sweet corn? It’s like eating very delicious corn. It’s a very happy thing. A creative corn kiosk can bring traffic and marketing effects to our kiosk, so it is necessary to choose this creative corn kiosk. In particular, the first sound that the corn kiosk gave us was a very durable, well-arranged display of corn materials that was a very appropriate layout display. Inside is a storage cabinet display with a door.

corn kiosk

Corn kiosk layout

This is a 4×2-meter corn kiosk, its four sides can display the sale of corn. There are five chairs on the side, and the table top is a table on which we can place food. On the front is a model display of corn, above is a design display with a roof, and inside the kiosk layout is designed to display corn steamers, corn materials, corn display racks, corn machines, sinks, cash registers, and so on. It features an S-shaped kiosk display on the front, a yellow-and-green striped design on the bottom, and a logo display on the top.

corn kiosk

Size: 3×3 m

Kicker: Stainless steel

Color: Green + yellow (any color you want)

Surface: Solid wood panel, wood laminate

Light: LED light strip, electronic advertising machine, Acrylic logo, light box, lock

Material: Plywood with solid wood panel, wood laminate, stone countertop 

Design: Design to your specifications

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Service: Customer service staff and designers will assist you to complete the mall design review, and design modification free of charge

corn kiosk

Custom service

We are a direct custom factory, we also do cabinet display, furniture display and store design decoration, and so on. If you also like this sweet Yui kiosk, please contact our customer service and we will provide you with more details, pictures, and videos. Start this project with a better solution for your corn kiosk.

corn kiosk