Crystal is trendy among people. Promoting products and brand themes through a mall stand is a good idea because the crystal is suitable for handicrafts and gifts. We can also give the crystal some commemorative meaning to enhance the added value, like a diamond of love. Expanding the business and adding an advertising stand to gain more clients is necessary no matter how big your shop is.

crystal stand

Description of crystal stand

The crystal stand is suitable for all locations to remind people of your business. Such as jewelry kiosks, diamond shops, the street, shopping centers, or supermarkets. It’s easy to install and operate even with self-service; people can add blessings to make crystals more unique.

mall stand

  • Size: 600mm wide*500mm deep*2000mm tall
  • Color: Wooden color and black, which high level the shop theme and makes the crystal looks better
  • Materials: Plywood, lamination, 3D acrylic logo, LED light, etc.

We can see there is the signage “AB CRYSTAL COLLECTION” on the top, and under the sign is a TV player to show video advertising to people. You are reminding them to understand your business and shop theme well. Below has a small sales window with a glass cover and QR code. You can place two crystals here; it attracts the eyes’ attention with light from the bottom. Brochures sets in boxes for easy access by guests. It has a showcase area on both sides. Clients can notice it when they pass by.

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advertising stand

Real install photos show

Workers produce the mall stand at the workshop; all the production steps will show you through photos and video. Then we clean and pack it well with foam and wooden boxes for shipping. We can customize the mall stand for you no matter what you need.

crystall display crystal stand