This is a chocolate kiosk used in shopping malls. There are many tables and stools on the left side of the kiosk, which serves as a sit-down area for customers. This dining area has many places for customers to rest, and for customers shopping in the mall, a chocolate kiosk with a lounge area is very attractive.

chocolate kiosk
To the right of this chocolate kiosk is the place where food is served. We can see that this chocolate kiosk can not only make coffee but also serve desserts to customers. Inside the chocolate, kiosk is freezers, ovens, juicers, coffee makers, and more.

chocolate kiosk

Bright spot

1 The chocolate kiosk is an open design that can attract more attention and bring in more customers.
2. There are many logos and patterns in this chocolate cabinet. We can see different chocolate patterns posted on the wall of the chocolate cabinet. In addition, there are obvious logos and light boxes on the roof of the chocolate cabinet. These signs can make your pavilion look more stylish.chocolate kiosk


This chocolate cabinet is made of plywood and wood grain fireboard. On the surface of the coffee counter is artificial stone. This design can make the cabinet look more beautiful. And this cabinet has the function of fire and moisture-proof. There are also stainless steel kickers on the bottom of the chocolate cabinet to prevent fraying. Other accessories: stool, table, decorative items, railings, etc

Other information

Size: 3*9

Color: Brown
Design amount: $300
Design time: 2-3 days
Production time: 22-26 days
Transit time: 15-20 days