The frozen yogurt kiosk is good for selling frozen yogurt, fried yogurt, rolled ice cream, bubble tea, smoothies, and gelato. It’s a great idea to open a frozen yogurt kiosk to earn money. As it attracts eyes and attention and is convenient for businessmen to sell food. Today, I want to share an attractive wooden frozen yogurt kiosk with you. Let’s view more details together.

Bubble tea kiosk

Custom frozen yogurt kiosk

We can see the frozen yogurt kiosk combined with wooden and purple colors, which looks very elegant and fantastic. The smoothie kiosk size is 4m long by 3m wide, suits for most mall booth locations. We can also customize it to fit your location sizes for business. The primary material uses MDF with baking paint, stone countertop, wooden frame and wooden finishes, stainless steel kicking, tile, and acrylic luminous logo, etc.

Smoothie kiosk

We can see the front counter has a cashier counter on one side, the middle area has a display showcase with a blue strip decorating the front. While the left-hand side has a brand sign attached to the counters and display showcase. Besides, the back side wall is used as a work counter with machines set on the countertable. There are advertising posters and menus hung on the wall so that poeple can purchase their favorite food directly. Check more ice cream kiosk design

Ice cream kiosk

It also supports the wooden ceiling, it’s good to attach the brand logo on the roof. TVs and lightbox paint also hang here to attract more clients. The ceiling light increases the brilliance and makes the food kiosk outstanding. No matter how unique a kiosk you are looking for, you can find a good option from us.