Candy kiosks and mall stands place all kinds of candies for sale. Whether you need a single candy stand or a multi-tiered candy counter, you can get the right furniture at Mall-Kiosk. Here is a wall display stand sharing with you, and you can use it in the candy store and set it in the shopping mall.

candy display

Description of Candy Mall stand

  • Size: 1m long, 0.6m wide, and 1.8m tall. We can customize the measurements according to your needs. 
  • Color: Blue, pink, yellow, and green color. You can tell us what color to make
  • Usage: Display candies and enhance the shop image.
  • Materials: MDF with baking paint finishes, lighting, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

mall stall

Details information

This mall stall has three layers of wooden display in total. It looks like a staircase with acrylic boxes, which are on each shelving to distinguish and display different categories of candies. It is convenient for customers to choose and buy, and employees can also easily manage candies. We can add a light lamp under each shelving. It increases the brightness and can also highlight the products. The bottom has a brand logo on the center, which makes people understand your shop theme well.

Produce show

Below is the individual candy display effect after production. They look pretty attractive when turning on the light. We have made whole candy store projects. And mall stands furniture for clients. It’s a uniform decoration that improves brand competition.

candy wall display candy display shelving

Our clients like them when receiving mall display stands. We can also view the actual styles from feedback photos. They recognize our quality and after-sale service. We have helped thousands of people start a business. If you need any further information, please send us an inquiry soon.

candy wall shelving