Cake kiosk

Firstly, the delicious cake we all like to eat, especially since we have someone’s birthday every day, every day we want to eat dessert cake. This mall kiosk is one of the more attractive and is well-suited as a kiosk for selling cakes and desserts. When the guests pass by the cake shop, they can smell the delicious cakes, which is a very happy thing. Next, let me introduce you to this kiosk.

cake kiosk

Cake kiosk layout

Besides this is a 4×3 meter cake kiosk display case, its whole rectangular shape of the display. On the front is a cake display incubator, which prevents the kiosk from melting or going stale in the air for too long. So we have ice chests on the inside of the kiosk so that we can make sure that our ingredients are kept fresh. On the side is a cake work surface and above is a tabletop display of artificial stone. The other side has a cleaning area with two sinks, an ice chest next to it, and a cash register next to an electronic advertising machine.

cake kiosk Interior designcake kiosk

In addition, the cake sticker display on the front of the kiosk features an artificial stone tabletop and stainless steel kickers on the bottom to prevent the kiosk from damage on the ground for too long. We also designed a light strip on the side of the kiosk between white and pink. The result is very beautiful. Customers can clearly see the products we sell.

cake kiosk

The last we are a custom factory, we can make you a delicious cake kiosk design, and we can design a new cake kiosk according to your requirements, so you can see our kiosk renderings. At the same time, you can send us your logo, we can better display your logo in the kiosk. If you interested in this cake kiosk, please contact us and we will make you a satisfactory display of the kiosk.

cake kiosk