Retail shops and boutique stores are popular among people. Especially girls love lovely and cute items, like dolls, decoration items, jewelry, and aromatherapy, … If you plan to open a retail booth in the shopping mall, this boutique booth is a great choice. Merchants can use it to sell all kinds of products, let’s view more information together.

toy booth

Introduction of retail booths

This retail booth diameter is 4m with dome frame ceiling decoration with cloudy light. It looks creative and attractive. Colorful finishes, sweet candy models, and decorations make the retail booths outstanding. The overall retail booths have slat wall displays and shelving. We can also use them to sell kids’ toys and sweet candy to increase sales performance.

toy cabinet

There is an arc door at the entrance with brand signage on the top. There are unique shape display shelving consisting of a large round shape. People can purchase items from both inside and outside.

Whether you love a heart-style or cat-shaped cabinet, we can customize it for you. Besides, the bottom has a lock cabinet for storage. Properly arranged storage and display areas are useful for business.

In the center of the retail kiosk is the reception counter and slat wall display. It increases the display and work area, but also full use of the booth. View RMU stand

toy counter

Material information

We mainly use MDF to build the toy kiosk, the surface material is glossy baking paint. It highlights the retail booths and makes the whole kiosk look better. Each shelving has an LED light lamp, which makes the items look good and increase the client’s purchase desire. A stainless steel kick protects the cabinet, it can also last for a longer time.