Crystal and engraving art products are popular among people. Whether you plan to open an engraving kiosk, pop-up shop, or mall stand, Mall-Kiosk can help you customize the crystal display. Here is an excellent crystal stand to share with you.

RMU stand

Description of Crystal Photos stand

  • Size:600*500*2000mm
  • Material: MDF with shiny baking paint finishes. Hollow out logo, light resources, etc.
  • Color: Black
  • Usage: Promote products, and brand themes, and show items to the clients.
  • Location: Shopping mall, office building, reception area, street, subway station, etc.

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engraving display

Details information

This retail stand has a display showcase area on both sides, which is good for showing items to clients. People can view the products in all directions. The top is a hollow-out logo to remind poeple of your business and brand theme. We can also set advertising TV player along with a display cabinet in the middle area. It shows popular engraving products to clients and guides them on how to order. We can add a spotlight to highlight the products and a glass door to display the items in a better way. Under the display cabinet is a small case for brochures. People can help themselves find out more information. The whole engraving kiosk bottom is a square base as decoration and protection.

engraving kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the final effect in the produced photos. Produce based on the confirmed design drawing. We will update the process frequently so the owner can understand how to make the mall stand step by step.

mall stand

We can customize it according to clients’ unique ideas. So you can feel free to tell us your needs first. Our design team can make 3D design drawings with you. And 3D design needs 300usd before starting, and about three work days to send the first design. You can also view more styles in the design and decide on one as the final display.