Perfume kisok has multiple shapes and styles in the market. Everyone like elegant perfume kiosks because they can attract eye attention and enhance brand image. So customize mall kiosk designs become popular, and people can add new ideas to the kiosk and make it fit for business. Now, I want to share a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you.

glass cabinet

Glass kiosk information

This perfume kiosk has multiple layers of glass cabinets, that are good to show all kinds of perfumes to people. A glass door on both the front and back sides, which is convenient to place and pick up perfumes. The retail kiosk has 2 individual reception counters in total, which is good to help with checking bills. We can also attach a brand name, posters, and even TV players for video advertising. The bottom of the kiosk has drawers, it’s good to store more perfumes for sale.

Popular options: Cosmetic kiosk design

cosmetic kiosk

Color and materials

  • Color: The primary color is yellow, is highly reflects the products. Yellow color also appeals to people and makes your shop stand out.
  • Materials: We mainly use MDF with baking paint finishes. You can also use plywood with an aluminon composite panel to make the perfume kiosk. 8mm tempered glass with a light strip increase the glows and better show items. Silver brushes stainless steel frame supports the glass cabinet. It can also protect the kiosk well. Other materials include a 3D luminous acrylic logo, sliding, and hardware.

perfume booth

Produce photo after install

This perfume kiosk is completed at our workshop, so you can use it directly when receive them. Our team will update all the processes you regularly. And workers will also test the kiosk, and ensure the lights, and wires work well. The owner can also view the final kiosk effect in advance. If you need any further information, please contact us soon.

perfume display