How do you think starting a business with a mall cart for business? No matter whether you plan to sell skin care products, boutiques, cosmetics or expand your business. Today, I want to share a nice mall cart with you. It looks special and can better highlight your products. Let’s view more designs together.

Introduction of mall cart design

This mall cart size is 1.2m long, 0.5m wide, and 2m tall. It looks like a large skin care product bottle style with a unique top ceiling. We can also attach the brand name on the top with a black background. It is luxury and reminds poeple of your business. Golden frame decorates the ceiling, which high level of the skin care booth theme and can also match the product’s details.

Beauty cart

We can see there are different levels of countertops, which is convenient to show items in a good way. The counter body has decoration and brand logo set aside to remind poeple of your business. While there are large wheels used for storage, the bottom small wheels are good for moving the mall RMU stands to different locations if needed.

Portable cart

Golden metal handles at one side to push carts conveniently. While another side has pull out cabinet uses as storage cabinet. It helps to store more items for sale. We can also use it as pop up shops to expand business or promoting new invention items. Whenever you plan to start mall cart business, contact us here and view more new designs.

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