With the rapid development of society and the economy, people can succeed by opening a mall cart. Unlike mall kiosks, mall carts require smaller locations, more suitable for first-time entrepreneurs and small-cost investors. Mall stalls are equipped with wheels to facilitate movement when necessary, and merchants can also sell products and provide services at fixed booths. Since the mall cart occupies a small area, merchants can reasonably arrange the display area, service equipment, and storage space. People can choose their favorite products at will when passing by, and you can also prepare some inventory for timely replenishment. You can use it as a pop-up store or as an RMU stand to promote your products and enhance your store image.

Mall carts are suitable for use in and outside of the shopping center. When you place different products, the mall cart is also specialization. For example, the food cart has a menu with prices and machines area; mall retail carts have display tables and glass showcases. You can tell us your products then we can customize mall carts for you.

Popular styles of mall carts for sale

Mobile kiosks and mall carts are suitable for small business ideas. You can use it as a side hustle or start an investment. Many people start with the mall carts business, then expand their business and establish chain brands. A shopping cart is also a profitable pop-up store idea because you can open it anytime, anywhere.

  • Mall cartFood cart. Food carts include a working table, storage cabinet, water sink, brand logo, poster, etc. Merchants can sell beverages and fast food, including coffee, juice, bubble tea, pizza, hot dog, sushi, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. It’s a nice portable kiosk that can ride or push to different locations to gain more clients.
  • Display cart. The display cart usually has multiple display layers so that people can display more items for people to buy. It’s good to place retailer items, such as decorations, cups, bags, perfume, and nail polish. We can also add a glass showcase with light to indicate jewelry, wallets, etc.
  • RMU stand. RMU stands becomes popular among people. Because it is easy to operate and can get more business shortly, merchants can sell clothing, hats, flowers, socks, and sunglasses there.

Does mall cart make money?

Sure, the answer is yes. Because the mall has a lot of traffic, you will have a steady stream of potential customers. As long as people recognize the products and services, merchants can gain loyal customers and profits. Of course, you first need creative mall carts to showcase your products and promote your brand. At the same time, you can design and decorate the mall cart according to the store concept, and the guests will be deeply impressed by your brand. Therefore, you can regularly organize staff training to ensure a good reputation for service quality. Change posters regularly to keep guests fresh. Promoting good promotions during the holidays helps to acquire new customers.

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What materials to build the mall cart

Choosing suitable materials makes the mall carts beautiful and durable to use. Mall-Kiosk provides upgrade materials to build the whole mall carts. Let’s view the details of the material below.

  1. Wooden with a stone table. We use thickened Plywood as the primary material. The surface treatment is laminate because wooden kiosks and mobile carts create a simple, high-end look. That has a natural intimacy for people. Stone countertops can protect the countertop from being scratched.
  2. Glass with metal support. We can use 8 mm tempered glass on the counter, so use it as a sneeze guard or display showcase. That can better show items well. The metal support and protects the glass well. It is the mobile cart frame, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the display cabinet.
  3. Stainless steel. 304# stainless steel material used to make a toe kick to protect the whole food cart. It has the characteristics of being hard to rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It’s food grade and also suitable for making food kiosks.
  4. Acrylic. The acrylic panel can uniquely decorate the whole mall stall with lighting lamps. We can also make an acrylic logo, which creates a luxury sense atmosphere, clearly visible to everyone.
  5. Wheels. We use universal wheels, and you can flexibly move the mall carts to the designated position. And the brakes on the mobile cart wheels will avoid moving while working.

How to buy mall carts?

The first thing to make a customized mall cart is to learn details about mall carts. It includes the sizes, colors, materials, counter usage, etc. Which makes sure both of us are at the same stage. Then we can move on to the design part, and you can understand the final effects directly.

  • Make design. We have an excellent design team to come up with unique design solutions. They will create a mall counter model first, then render clear photos at all angles. It takes three to five work days and needs a 300usd design fee before start. If you want to modify somewhere, we can help with modifications.
  • Produce mall carts. Produce following the final design drawing. Our structural designer will provide technical drawings, which ensure everything is clear. Our team will also update the process for you regularly. And the owner can view the mall carts in reality.
  • Install on site. We make the entire cart at the workshop and install the mall cart well. So the owner can use it directly on-site when receiving goods. Considering the lighting and wires, you should connect wires to the main box of a mall. In addition, if you need to move the shopping cart frequently, we can reserve power or gas space.