Skin care and cosmetic kiosks a good places to sell products in shopping malls and trade shows. People love to buy items from high-end and attractive cosmetic kiosks, so it’s a great idea for merchants to customize unique cosmetic kiosks to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice makeup kiosk sharing with you. Hope it will give you more ideas for decorating your cosmetic shop.

Open kiosk

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk color combines pink, white, and blue. Creates a fashion and elegant shop theme. It is good to set it against the wall, which can increase the display showcase area and can also attract poeple to buy more items. The primary materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, etc.

Cosmetic kiosk

We can see there is a reception desk in the middle of the cosmetic shop center. There is a brand logo with a white background, that vividly reminds people to notice and remember your brand concept. While the back side has semi-circular arc wall-mounted display shelving to show items. The top layer has letters to highlight brand signage.

Cosmetic counter

The right-hand side also has a service counter to help people consultant items. While the corner has a large mirror with flower surrounding it. The right hand has a seating sofa with a feature wall, it’s a good place for clients to relax and consultants more product details. We can also set up a storage room behind the TV player wall. So you can prepare enough goods to meet the huge sales demands.

Lighting and flooring are also very important for retail cosmetic kiosk business. Select suitable light that not only increases additional product value but also makes your shop stand out.