The bubble waffle kiosk is a good place to sell waffles, crepes, creams, and snacks. Do you like to eat bubble waffles? Bubble waffles,  as one of the delicious snacks, become popular among young people. It has a great taste many poeple love it when hanging on with friends. Today, I want to share a nice bubble waffle kiosk design with you.

Waffle cabinet

Introduction of bubble waffle kiosk

This bubble waffle kiosk suits an area of 4m by 3m and combines purple and white colors with wooden finishes. It attracts the eyes’ attention and makes your waffle shop outstanding. If you are looking for useful and fantastic waffle kiosks, don’t miss this style.

The middle of the front side has a topping with a semicircle countertop, we can also add a clear glass panel to keep food clean. Because poeple won’t get access to it easily. On both sides of the corner is glass display equipment to show cakes, and crepes and even sell ice creams. It can help increase sales and earn more profit.

Waffle counter

The side counter is used for checking bills. There is a tall menu board next to it to show the price list to everyone. While the rotating display on the countertop is convenient for passing the food to poeple. Which increases the entertainment and fun.

Usually, the backside counter is used as a kitchen room. We can put up all kinds of equipment to prepare food. Water sink to wash hands and keep clean. Don’t forget to add wall panels with shelving for promoting and displaying if you are against the wall. View bakery kiosk design

Waffle booth

Material details show

The materials include MDF with baking paint treatment. Food grade artificial stone countertop makes the food kiosk stronger to use and levels the shop theme. Metal tubes consist of the ceiling to hang menu boards and advertising, guiding and appealing to poeple to place an order. Stainless steel kick with floor light protects and highlights the waffle booths. Besides, the acrylic logo on the panel and counters leaves people with a deep impression.