This is a jewelry display cabinet. It can be placed in a mall or a jewelry store. The size of this jewelry display cabinet is 1000*500 MM, small in size, but very convenient for customers to appreciate the jewelry. We can see that the bottom half of the jewelry cabinet is blue, and there is a gold stainless steel border on the edge of the cabinet, which looks very beautiful.

jewelry cabinet

This is the back of the jewelry cabinet, the top half of the cabinet can pulled out like a drawer, and can set with a lock. The design is convenient for staff and clients. Meanwhile, the lower half of the cabinet has three lockers that can used to store items.



The bottom half of the cabinet is made of MDF and lacquered. At the same time, in order to make the cabinet look beautiful, we will install stainless steel edge on the edge of the cabinet. The top half of the jewelry cabinet is made of tempered glass. The advantage of tempered glass is its hardness. In addition, we will install led lights inside the cabinets to make the jewelry more eye-catching. About material selection, we can provide different brands, different materials, so that customers have more choices, we can also provide stool, sofa, hardware accessories and other items.tempered glass


How to  order ?

  1. We will make a 3D design according to your requirements.(2-3 days)
  2. After the design is completed, we will make a construction drawing, which is in line with local standards
  3. we will start production,You can keep track of the production progress during the production process
  4. Select the mode of transportation according to your requirements.

Other information

Design deposit: We will charge a design fee of $300, which will be refunded to you when production is confirmed

Payment method: We will charge 50% deposit when we confirm the production, and charge the remaining production cost before shipment

Packing: We will use wooden cases for packing.