Do you like an attractive and useful jewelry kiosk? The jewelry kiosk has many glass display showcases, which are suitable for showing products to poeple. Whenever you need a jewelry kiosk to make money, it’s necessary to get a nice jewelry kiosk from us. Here is a good jewelry kiosk design to share with you.

jewlery kiosk

Introduction of the jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk size is 4m by 2m, fit for most mall booth locations. There are two-layer displays, and the top display showcase has glass sliding drawers, displays rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The middle cabinet has an inclined slope so that customers can see the jewelry intuitively, which is conducive to increasing sales performance. However, the bottom has lock drawers. It is convenient to store items and jewelry cases.

glass kiosk

It’s necessary to set the window display so that we can place it at four corners. It can attract the eyes’ attention and can also make the jewelry kiosk look better. Besides, the display is higher than other displays, which makes poeple view more items when passing by.

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jewelry display showcase

More details

  • Color: Beige and white color with silver kicking
  • Primary materials: MDF with glossy baking paint
  • Glass: 8mm tempered glass with light lamps
  • Logo: 3D stainless steel logo with backlit
  • Toe kicking: Mirror stainless steel

The materials and craft determine the jewelry kiosk’s quality. It’s a great idea to order jewelry kiosks from us. You can view the raw material samples in advance and check the whole production process directly. We will also install and test the retail kiosks. Then pack the cabinet well and ship it.

jewelry booth

About Installation

For customized jewelry and watch kiosks, people care about installation very much. So you can receive the completed jewelry kiosks from us because we made each counter individually. So you only need to put them together and connect wires between each counter. It’s a simple job that 1-2 people can complete well. However, if you worry about the main power to the mall, you can find an electrician to help you.