People love to buy delicious food at snack kiosks during shopping. Snacks make us happy and provide energy. No matter what kind of snack you plan to sell, it’s a great idea to purchase attractive snack kiosks. Here is a nice snack kiosk design to share with you. Hope you will get better decorating ideas. You can also tell us the requirements, we can make a professional kiosk design soon.

snack kiosk

Description of snack kiosk

This snack kiosk is mainly used in the shopping mall and it’s suited for large locations. Size is about 4m by 4m, it has a high wall display cabinet, service counter, and ceiling decoration, and looks like a retail shop. People can consult from a service counter and enter the shop to purchase products. The primary color is blue and white, combined with golden metal decoration. This creates a high-end food shop atmosphere and enhances the brand theme.

food kiosk

We can see there is a large counter in an L shape, it has a brand logo with a blue background on both sides. Vividly express your brand theme to clients. Behind tall wall cabinets. It has multiple layers to show and store products. Each cabinet has a golden metal frame that attracts the eyes’ attention. Spotlight on the top creates a fantastic and charming theme. View more fast food kiosk design

snack kiosk

We can also attach a brand sign on the ceiling based on a stainless steel frame. It has green grass decorations with LED lights hanging there. The blue floor also makes the overall kiosk look better. If you are looking for a nice food kiosk design, contact us and view more options.

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