It’s a great idea to open a nice perfume kiosk to earn money. With the fast development of society, more and more people start business with perfume booths. Today, I want to share a nice open kiosk for perfumes with you. Let’s view more information about the perfume kiosk.

open booth

Introduction of perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk has brown wooden finishes. It looks brilliant and highly matches the brand theme. Golden frame and decoration make the overall kiosk look better and level the perfume products. Merchants can place it in shopping malls, trade shows, and even perfume shops. It includes glass showcases and display tables.

perfume counter

We can see there is 2 metal table with golden countertop and fence decoration, consisting of an L shape. that’s to display perfumes well and poeple can only see and get it from the inside shop. Underneath are drawers and cabinets with brand signs. Golden metal table legs support the whole table. The corner has an individual glass showcase used as the main perfume display showcase area.

perfume cabinet

Another side has a large round display table with 3 layers, which increases the showcase area. Merchants can also set chairs here so that consumers can sit down and purchase their favorite perfumes. This mall kiosk also has a floor, that protects the mall floor, it can also hide the wires and make the overall perfume shop look better and cleaner. It is in white color with golden stainless steel edges, looks better, and makes the whole cosmetic kiosk attractive.

Whenever you plan to start a business, we can make it fit your location and meet your demands. Because most people want more display and showcase areas like perfume retail shops. While other businessmen just want to promote brands and items at events. Just tell us your needs and ideas and get the ideal mall kiosk now.