Are you looking for a nice frozen yogurt counter to start a business? A beautiful and outstanding food counter can help you gain more clients. It is also good to enhance the shop theme. Today, I want to share a nice frozen yogurt counter with you. It looks like an L shape and looks visually appealing. It is also functional and efficient in serving and selling frozen treats. Let’s view more details information together.

food court counter

Description of frozen yogurt kiosk

At the left-hand side of the counter, you will find a reception counter that includes a cashier register. This allows for smooth transactions and helps with keeping track of sales and bills. With this convenient setup, serving customers becomes a breeze.

Adjacent to the reception counter is a long topping counter that features a glass showcase on the top. This showcase allows customers to view and purchase a variety of delectable ingredients to enhance their frozen yogurt or ice cream. Whether it’s fresh fruits, candies, or nuts, the topping counter has got it all.

ice cream kiosk

In addition to the reception and topping counters, other sections of the counter are dedicated to storage. These storage compartments come with lock cabinets, ensuring the safety and security of your supplies. With plenty of space to store your ingredients and equipment, you can keep everything organized and readily accessible.

The food court counter stands out with its eye-catching design. The combination of green and white colors creates a fresh and inviting ambiance for your customers. LED light decoration further enhances the aesthetic appeal, making your counter a focal point of attraction in your shop.

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food court counter frozen yogurt counter

To further promote your brand, the front counter proudly displays your business logo. This constant reminder of your brand encourages customers to remember and recommend your business to others. Find more options for ice cream kiosks