Are you looking for a cosmetic kiosk to earn money? Skincare kiosks are common in the shopping mall. With the fast development of society, poeple are focused more on their skin stage. If you plan to start with a skincare kiosk or beauty business, don’t miss this mall kiosk design. Let’s view more details information.

It is a modern and stylish way to showcase skin care products in a retail setting. The 3m by 2m size of the cosmetic kiosk allows for ample space to display a wide range of products, from moisturizers to serums to masks. No matter what’s your location size, we can make it fit well.

skin care booth

Unique Display Counter

The display counter features stylish curved edges that not only catch the eye but also enhance functionality. Customers will love the ease with which they can view and access the products on display. While the elegant curved edges add a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The addition of green LED light decoration further elevates the kiosk. Giving it a high-end look that sets it apart from other shops.

Besides, the skin care kiosk display counter is the perfect showcase for your products, attracting customers and boosting sales. The curved edges provide a unique visual appeal that will draw in shoppers. While the functional design ensures that products are easily accessible. The green LED light decoration adds a touch of luxury. Making your kiosk a standout feature in any retail environment.

Tall Tower Display Stand

The tall tower display at the skin care kiosk is a standout feature that captivates customers and prominently showcases the brand. With brand signage that grabs attention, this display is designed to draw customers in and make a lasting impression.

Featuring multiple levels of round displays, it allows for products to be showcased in a visually appealing and unique manner. This eye-catching design creates visual interest and also encourages customers to browse and explore the various offerings available at the kiosk.

The tall tower display stand is the perfect solution for displaying a wide range of skincare products. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the kiosk. Making it a must-have for any skincare brand looking to make a statement.

Skin care kiosk

Reception Desk and Cashier Counter

The reception desk serves as a central point for customers to inquire about products and services. While the cashier counter offers a quick and efficient checkout process. With these essential components in place. Customers can easily navigate the mall retail kiosk and make their purchases with ease.

Besides, the cashier counter meets the needs of both customers and staff. The ergonomic layout ensures that staff can efficiently assist customers and process transactions, creating a smooth and hassle-free experience for all involved.

Produce effect show

skin care stall skin care stand

Individual Display Stands

Designed to resemble delicate flowers, these stands boast a narrow bottom and wider top, creating a visually appealing and organized display for your skin care products.

With the option to add LED lighting, these stands not only showcase your products in the best light possible but also enhance your brand theme, drawing in customers and leaving a lasting impression. Each stand is carefully crafted to provide maximum visibility and space for your products, allowing you to showcase a wide variety of items stylishly and creatively.

Whether you are looking to highlight a new line of skin care products or simply want to revamp your existing display, our display stands are the perfect solution. Elevate your cosmetic kiosk with these unique and eye-catching stands that are sure to attract the attention of passersby and keep them coming back for more.