Do you like dessert? Whether it is cold in winter or hot in summer, we can’t help but go over to order a fried yogurt stand. Because of the low cost and high profit of running yogurt stands, more and more people want to start their own business. This is the stir-fry freezer designed by us. I will introduce the stir-fry freezer to you in detail.

ice cream kiosk  


This is a ice cream booth for indoor use, we can often see in the mall, there is such a stall, we can choose our favorite fruit, and then get a fried yogurt. It will have a lot of light boxes on the front and side, and the light boxes will have a lot of attractive looking samples of fried yogurt, which will not only serve as a good publicity function, but also attract customers. The front and sides of the picture have stainless-steel panels of varying sizes, which are used to place foods such as fruit and yogurt.

You can see in this picture that there is a stainless steel sink inside the refrigerator. We will place a water tank under the sink. Next to it is a small cabinet that can be used to store ingredients and so on. ice cream booth

Bright spot

1. As we can see from the picture above, there are all kinds of food in the fried refrigerator. It looks so delicious that people can’t help but want to try it.

2. There is plenty of space in the middle of the freezer for the staff.

3 Neat, different areas have different functions.

More Information

Size:5000*3000*2400 mm

Style:functional and nice

Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks

Others:illuminated logos,menus,spot lights

Production time:20-22 work days

Material :MDF with blue and white glossy paint finish,stainless steel ,tempered glass, man made stone