Service industries have a significant market. Are you going to open a shoe kiosk to earn money? Today, I want to share a nice shoe kiosk with you. Merchants can provide shoe repair services and shoe washing services. It’s also good to show shoes and shoe cream products.

shoes kiosk

Shoe kiosk introduction

This shoe kiosk looks like RMU stand with a double-side display showcase area and working chairs. It has a display showcase area, brand logo wall, storage cabinets, and seating chairs. It installs in the USA mall.

  • Size: 10ft by 5ft
  • Color: Blue, black and white color
  • Materials: MDF, high glossy baking paint, stainless steel kicking, hollow-out acrylic logo, LED light, etc.

shoes kiosk

As we can see in the design, there are display cabinets on both sides; you can place products in order. The middle area has 1-2 chairs for clients to sit down. The back wall has a TV player to show video advertising and shelving at the side to show more items. Brand logo set on the wall to remind people of your business and services. Spotlight on the top to increase brightness. The Casier counter on one side to reception and checks bills.

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shoes kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the actual effect on the produced photos. It looks fantastic and high-level the shop theme. Workers produce the shoe kiosk according to the confirmed 3D design. So you only need to check the 3D design drawing.

shoes kiosk

Feedback photos

The owner likes the MGK shoe kiosk very much and gives us good comments. I am sure you will also get the perfect shoe kiosk and mall kiosk from us. We have an excellent design team to make unique kiosk design for you. Contact us and view recent kiosk designs now.