The nail manicure kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. It’s good to provide nail art services and pedicure services. Today, I want to share a lovely nail manicure table with you. We can custom made it according to the brand theme and location area. Let’s view more information below.

nail art kiosk

Description of the nail manicure kiosk

  • Color: White, wooden color and pink color. We can combine colors to make the nail salon booth attractive.
  • Size: This nail kiosk is suitable for large areas such as 9m by 4m. We can also customize size based on your location area.
  • Material: The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint finishes. Stainless steel kicking protects the nail kiosk kick, it is moisture-proof, and even a tiny amount of water on the floor will not damage the cabinet. Other materials include tempered glass, light lamps, acrylic, etc.

nail beauty salon station

Layout plan

The beauty salon kiosk includes nail tables, a massage bed area, a glass display showcase, a reception counter, advertising area. We can see there are 4 nail manicure tables near the entrance, clients accept the nail art service here. The front area has a glass cabinet with shelving, it’s good to show nail polish products. It is a tall display stand to show the menu and service and can also attach the brand logo here.

nail kiosk design

The entrance has a glass cabinet, people can take away items before leaving. There is a large area with room dividers, which is good to do massage and skin care services. There are tall walls on 3 sides, which is to protect the client’s privacy. Besides, we can put up posters, and wall glass cabinets to increase the display showcase area. It’s a good idea to display a colorful oil barrel decoration to use as a sample area.

nail salon counter

It’s a very classic at our factory that many people love. If you have new ideas, we can also custom made it for you. Contact us to gain more information. Find more options for massage kiosks.