Clothing kiosk and clothing shop in the shopping mall. It’s a great idea to open a men’s clothing kiosk to earn money. You can see the clothing, shoes, scarf, necktie, suits, etc. Here is a high-end clothing kiosk design to share with you. It enhances your brand theme and makes poeple remember your shop well.

Clothing Kiosk

Introduction of clothing kiosk

This clothing kiosk uses black and white as the primary color, which creates a solemn, formal atmosphere. Reminding people to buy business attire and suits in your store. It fit a large location size of around 40 square meters, you can tell us your shop size, and we will make the same size you require.

Clothing Kiosk

Materials introduction

  • Basic material: MDF, we can also use metal or plywood, depending on the clothing and hat kiosk design and requirements.
  • Surface material: High glossy baking paint. Lamination and wooden veneer can also make your clothing kiosk special.
  • Logo material: 3D luminous logo, light box logo, etc. The design team will help you choose suitable brand signage. You can also tell us your ideas before designing
  • Other materials: Stainless steel kicking, mirror, hardware, PVC flooring, etc. You can also add lights to increase brightness.

Clothing Kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see there are hollowed square frames surrounding the clothing and shoe kiosk, it uses as decoration and clients can view your kiosk layout directly. Posters and brand logo walls also face the public, which appeals to people entering your shop.

Clothing Kiosk

While inside has a metal clothing rack, display shelving, and wall-mounted cabinets to place clothing. At the center of the clothing kiosk, is a waiting sofa table and chairs for rest. The reception counter and cashier counter are separate to improve work efficiency. Mannequins place set the entrance to show hot sale clothing to appeal to poeple.

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Clothing Kiosk Clothing Kiosk