What do you think about starting a business with a perfume kiosk? Perfumes play a big role in our daily lives, especially in important events like interviews, meetings, dating, etc. Smelling good will leave people a deep impression and even become a symbol of your characteristic. Here is a nice open perfume kiosk design with you. No matter how unique the shape is your location, we can make it fit your business well.

perfume kiosk

Customize perfume kiosk design

This perfume kiosk looks like a rectangle and includes a display counter and sofa for business. It is more like an experience counter to promoting brands and products like pop-up shops. The whole perfume kiosk combines brown wood finishes with golden stainless steel decoration, and brand signage in golden color to make the whole shop look good.

open booth

We can see one side has a display counter on different levels. It mainly shows the items that people can purchase well. While both side has lower counter combined with white and golden base. Looks elegant and attractive. Both side has combination counters with round taller display counter and double layers cabinet. They are connected by a small display table with a metal frame base decoration.

perfume counter

The end of the mall booth has a seating sofa along with a round table. It can be used as a relaxing area, people can sit down to try perfumes and decide to purchase suitable perfumes. The floor also combines white, brown, and golden edges, highly matches the perfume shop concept. If you have new ideas about perfume kiosk design. Don’t hesitate to contact us now. We have more than 20 years of experience in customized perfume booths. Our design team can also make a kiosk design to show you the entire perfume shop effect.