Are you looking for a nice mobile phone kiosk in the shopping mall? Cell phone kiosks are suitable for selling mobile phones, phone cases, and phone accessories. Merchants can purchase phone case kiosks to start a business and add their logo to the phone kiosk.  Here is an attractive cell phone kiosk to share with you. It is used in the shopping center.

Phone accessories kiosk

Description of the cell phone case kiosk

The phone case kiosk is very large, with a roof, display showcase and reception counter. It looks like a retail phone store. The primary material is MDF with a baking paint surface, other materials include 8mm tempered glass, light lamps, acrylic logos, etc. We use orange, black, and white colors to decorate the phone repair kiosk.

mobile phone showcase

Phone case kiosk counters

The front side has a display showcase cabinet and reception counters. The entrance door near the reception counter for convenient entry into the shop. We can also make a glass display cabinet with 4 sides columns. On the back side and higher walls, the shop owners can put up posters and TV players for advertising. We can use a glass cabinet with a slat wall display to hang more phone cases and phone accessories. The bottom has the acrylic logo to remind people of your business and shop theme. Inside of mall kiosk is a storage cabinet with a locked door.

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cell phone case display

How to make the cell phone kiosk design?

Before making the cell phone kiosk design, we need to know the kiosk sizes, color, layout, and materials requirements. That’s to make sure the cell phone kiosk fits the business and is convenient to use. Our design team creates kiosk models and renders clear photos. If you want to modify it somewhere, we will update the design soon.