Are you looking for perfume booth uses in the shopping mall? Here you are in the right place. I want to share a nice perfume kiosk with you today. It is a high-end perfume kiosk with a gold stainless steel surface and MDF as a base for the display case. This is the size of the perfume kiosk is about 4×3 meters big display kiosk, with a four-sided display. This is a white-themed display cabinet of a perfume kiosk. The cabinet inside is a storage cabinet with a door. 

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Description of perfume booth

And we can store perfume in it. The front display is a display case with LED lighting, each perfume position is lit by LED lights, and you can fully display the cabinet of the perfume pavilion. Above it is a display stand of perfume boxes with gold edges. There are two display cases at right angles and two display cases at corners. One is the cashier and logo display rack, and the other is the white display case. Check more options for makeup kiosks

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Glass showcase

Besides, the perfume kiosk is composed of a rectangular glass display case and four rectangular glass display cases. Because want to better display perfume using glass material as a display cabinet is a good choice, usually also suitable for a jewelry display cabinet, watch display cabinet, mobile phone display cabinet, and so on. This material has a wide range of uses. We can also decorate the light belt inside the display cabinet so that it will more clearer and more beautiful under the light.

jewelry kiosk

Perfume booth effect in the mall

We can see the real effects when using it in the shopping center. It not only improves the brand theme but also showcases the items well. If you put it according to the color of the perfume, it will be more beautiful. The front of the unique perfume kiosk is a showcase display with a light display, designed to white light. The overall presentation will be better.

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