Hot Sale Blue Ice Cream Kiosk Durable Soft Ice Cream Booth

Summer is coming soon. Cold ice cream is an essential food for children and adults. Ice cream can make people feel cool when they eat it and tend to have a good mood. If you start preparing a unique ice cream retail stand now, you can reap the rewards of summer. The equipment to make ice cream is simple, but an eye-catching stand is difficult. We can help you make an ice cream kiosk to add class to your business.

Product description

This one ice cream kiosk is very simple but beautiful. First, its front view shows the brand logo and pattern to people. Customers can see your booth at first view and remember you easily. Then different types of the ice cream picture can be put on the counter one by one for customers to choose the tastes. There is also the hot and popular ice cream posters on the front side too. Besides, the logo sign is made at the back white wall, people can see it from more directions.


First of all, the ice cream booth front is yellow and white, which is a special combination. The pavilion’s colors are blue and white, so you can have the flexibility to make whatever colors you like. The pavilion has lovely Logo all around, it is big, plus cartoon characters, beautiful and colorful, more vivid. Inside the pavilion are two blue counters for the machines and your operations. When people see the blue kiosk, they will be attracted by the kiosk to buy ice cream from you.


Material: MDF with workmanship baking paint.

Size: 8*8ft, we can customize all size for you.

Design: support 3D design with good service.

This ice cream kiosk can  in a mall or your own small shop. We are responsible for making high quality kiosks for you according to your needs.