What do you think about opening a cosmetic kiosk? The cosmetic kiosk is a good place to show cosmetics and provide makeup services. Whenever you plan to start a business in a shopping mall or retail shop, this cosmetic kiosk can work well. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic kiosk with you. Hope it will give you more ideas to get your cosmetic kiosk design.

Open kiosk

Description of cosmetic kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk is very large and includes a reception counter, makeup counters, brand logo wall, display cabinet, and brand signage. It looks like a retail shop, where poeple can enjoy makeup services directly. The primary color is cream with white, looks very attractive and outstanding in the shopping mall. You can also make other color combinations to make it highly match your brand theme.

Makeup kiosk

We can see the front counter has curved counters with a computer on the countertop it has a brand logo on the counters. Behind is a lock cabinet used as storage. The center of the makeup kiosks is a makeup display counter that shows samples and skin care product sets on both sides. Near it is a display rack with multiple shelving. Each layer can show more items for sale.

Cosmetic booth

There is a brand image wall separating the waiting area from the display showcase area. It’s good to put up posters as advertising. The brand logo can also be attached to the brand logo wall for advertising. Besides, sofa and makeup stations are put here, and poeple can sit down to learn more product information and enjoy the service. If you are looking for a nice open kiosk design, contact us soon. Our design team can make professional 3D design for you.

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