It’s a great idea to start a kids’ milk powder kiosk in the mall. How many times do you drink milk in a week? Many people drink two cups of milk per day. Milk is rich in protein and can provide the nutrients needed by the human body. Whether you sell kids’ milk powder or adults’ milk powder, we can make a nice display booth for you. Today, I want to introduce a special powder booth.

Milk powder booth

Introduction of milk powder booth

This powder booth is set in the shopping mall, suited for a location of 3m long and 0.8m wide area. Looks like an RMU stand with a double-sided display showcase area. We design it according to pasture, expressing a natural and healthy product concept to clients. The materials include MDF with baking paint finishes and natural wooden decoration, making your booth outstanding.

milk powder Kiosk

Merchants can use it as a pop-up shop to promote business and milk powder in shopping malls, events, trade fairs, food courts, and other occasions. Because it has a windmill shape with powder bottle models on the front. It is close to the house-shaped decoration on one side. We can add an LED light to highlight the frame with fence decoration display boxes. Brand signage is set on the top for advertising. The bottom is green grass decoration with fruit tree model decoration.

View protein kiosk design

Protein Kiosk

Near it is a double-sided display shelving with light for each layer, clients can view and purchase milk powders here. There is a tall panel behind used as a brand image wall. We can see the top has a fence with animal-style models that highly match the whole mall booth decoration. If you have any new ideas about mall kiosk design, contact us now. We have a professional designer team, that can show details in 3D design.