With the fast development of the economy, an exhibition booth is a portable option to gain customers and orders. It’s a great idea to open a popular exhibition booth stall when in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a nice mall kiosk booth with you. It looks very modern and luxurious to promote the brand themes and display items.

mall kiosk

Introduction of exhibition booth

The exhibition booth size is 9m by 3m, it’s a very large location. It includes a glass wall display cabinet, service counter, waiting room, and private room. We mainly use white with purple decoration, which looks very fantastic and levels the brand theme. Primary material includes MDF, a glossy baking paint surface, glass shelving, and a luminous acrylic logo with metal tube support.  We can customize the mall booth to suit your business.

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exhibition booth

The layout of the Modern kiosk

There is glass shelving at the side wall and on both sides as a sales window. Each shelving has a small grid to divide the whole decoration area, which is convenient to help properly distinguish all products. However, we can see the top side has display counters. The top counter has a large brand sign with a backlit to remind poeple of your business. Inside the counter has chairs and a table, and poeple can sit down to learn about products. At the center of the kiosk is a service counter with a purple back wall to attach a large TV screen. That helps people learn more about your service and business. Behind is a private room to provide beauty service and is used to store items.

retail kiosk

More information

Mall-Kiosk Ltd. provides custom kiosk services for everyone. We have a professional design team and a manufacturing team. All the counters are built and installed at our workshop, so the owner can use them directly. Whenever you need a modern kiosk booth, send us an inquiry now!