The portable kiosk is helpful in shopping malls and exhibitions. It’s good to express your business to the public and increase sales. No matter what kind of products you sell, portable kiosk design help you well. Today, I want to share a nice mobile perfume kiosk with you. It will give you more ideas for starting a business.

portable kiosk

Portable kiosk introduction

The portable kiosk has small in size and is easy to open. You can add wheels at the bottom to move forward. This perfume kiosk has a mobile to display all kinds of perfumes and can also promote brand themes. The size is 2.4m by 1.6m, fit for nearly all booth sizes, especially for the contact me for the brand theme. It has a glass showcase on the counter to show items. The bottom has a storage cabinet and brand name at the front.

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perfume kiosk

The layout of the perfume kiosk

It has a display showcase on three sides with an entrance at the right hand. The glass cabinets have different levels, and merchants can show items to consumers in a good way. The top has a golden roof with metal tube support, with many light bulbs for increased lighting and to enhance the shop theme. Besides, the yellow flooring matches the perfume booth decoration. You can also add a brand logo wall on the back so that people can view your shop well.

portable kiosk

Real installation effect

We can see the portable booth looks high-end in the mall. It has a golden metal frame decoration to upscale the perfume store and cosmetic kiosk. The basic materials of the portable booth use Plywood with laminate surface decoration. Besides, showcase counters are at the counter body to increase the display area. 8mm tempered glass with LED light lamp makes the perfumes look better.

portable kiosk portable kiosk