Food kiosks and ice cream kiosks are popular among poeple. Because poeple can buy food and drinks when shopping. When merchants provide seats, the consumer can sit to enjoy food and rest. Today, I want to share an ice cream kiosk with you.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk size is 4m by 3m, and we can arrange machines, working counters, service tables, and seats in a suitable area. The primary color is white with wooden roof support. That high level of the shop theme makes your ice cream kiosk look good. Materials include Plywood, laminate, natural wood, light box logo, artificial stone counter, etc. We can make it fit your business.

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smoothie kiosk

Crepe kiosk layout

As shown in the design photo, the front counter has an ice cream display with different flavors for clients to purchase. There is a glass panel on the countertop as a sneeze guard to keep food fresh. On the right hand is an entrance door in the middle and a cashier’s register near it. People order and pay bills here. And the bask counter is used for work. There are two crepe machines and an espresso machine on the countertop to meet different clients’ demands. The left side is a dining counter with chairs, while the inside has locked cabinets to store items.

ice cream kiosk

Wooden bars consist of a roof with wood support at four columns. The back wall has a menu board to guide people when ordering. Merchants can attach brand names on four sides and place them on the counter body. So that clients can view your business from far away. It’s a creative idea to attach stickers to the counter and make your shop outstanding. Contact us if you need customized Goleta kiosk designs.