The eyebrow threading kiosk uses golden metal decoration with black color, which looks very high-end and improves the eyebrow shop theme. With the fast development of beauty services, many people do eyebrow threading and eyelash extension business in the shopping mall. Today, I want to share a luxury eyebrow threading kiosk with you.

eyebrow threading kiosk

Description of eyebrow threading kiosk

This eyebrow threading kiosk size is 8m by 3m. You can tell us the location size first, so we will make the kiosk fit your location. The eyebrow threading kiosk is centrally symmetrical and looks unique. The material includes MDF and baking paint surface treatment. A golden metal panel attaches to the eyebrow threading kiosk, making it attractive.

eyebrow bar counter

We can see there are two entrances here, the front side has a reception counter in the middle, while another entry has a water sink behind a logo wall. There is a curved wall cabinet with a mirror attached there, it’s convenient for consumers to sit down and accept business. We can also make open display shelving on the wall to place necessary items and add a locked cabinet here. While the top metal ceiling has a spotlight to make the eyebrow beauty kiosk outstanding.

eyebrow kiosk

Produce photos

Brand logos attach to the mall kiosk, we can view the actual effect after installation. We will also show produce steps during production, so the owner can understand how the mall massage kiosk is being built step by step. We will also install lighting and mirrors for better usage.

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eyelash cabinet

Eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall

The owner can connect the wires to the mall power supply. The clients give us high praise because of good quality and beautiful design. If you need further information, please kindly contact us soon.

eyebrow booth