Our shopping malls kiosk are everywhere, and each customer’s design is unique. The sweet Makaron cake is very popular, so more and more people like to buy Macaron. With the increase in consumption, the demand for Macaron Kiosks is also increasing. An attractive Macaron Kiosk is very important.

food kiosk with light

Description of macaron kiosk

This is a pink Macaron Kiosk with a glass cabinet on the top to display and sell Macaron. It fits perfectly with the sweetness of Macaron. LOGO and poster with lights, more eye-catching.

  • Material. We use MDF to make the kiosk main part. It’s easy to make any shape. If shopping malls have fire protection requirements or higher requirements for materials, we can use Plywood and stick fireboards.
  • Finish. The paint-baking process is used, and the color is white and pink.
  • Glass. Use high-transmittance tempered glass, it can protect and display Macaron.
  • Table Top. Use man-made stone, it’s Non-toxic, flame retardant, non-stick oil, antibacterial and mildew-proof. Man-made stone has various functions and is colorful. Ideal for food kiosks.
  • Stainless steel. Use 304# stainless steel, to protect the whole food kiosk.
  • Light. More eye-catching lights are added to the logo and poster.

The food kiosk space just needs a little area. And the size can be customized, the shape and style can add to your ideal. Logo and poster need provide to us.

We have our design team, which can make 3D designs and construction drawings. It’s easy to assemble, we will pack each part in MDF boxes during transportation, better protect our products. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacture kiosk and can help you solve any problems.

cake kiosk

How to get the drawing?

  1. Provide size information
  2. Determine your theme style
  3. Material confirmation
  4. Size of your mechanical equipment
  5. Logo and poster content

Looking forward to our future cooperation.