Macaron kiosk is popular in the shopping mall. The Macaron booth has display counters, mainly to sell macaron, sweet food, dessert, bakery, and biscuit. Macaron is a very local delicacy of French desserts. It is composed of two biscuits sandwiched with fruit jam or cream, which is exquisite and small, colorful in appearance, and rich in taste. Macarons taste better with black coffee, tea, or red wine. Macaron kiosk uses brilliant color decorations to highlight products, which creates a lovely and fantastic shop theme. Attractive macaron booth decoration makes your dessert store stand out. Before opening a macaron kiosk, merchants can customize the dessert kiosk style and choose high-grade materials to build the dessert kiosk. Purchase a nice sweet food kiosk on Mall-Kiosk now.

The Macaron kiosk is suitable for the mall, sweet food shops, food courts, events, and exhibitions. It’s necessary to arrange a display showcase, storage cabinet, and posters in a suitable location. So that people can purchase macarons and have a good impression of your shop. The macaron kiosk is a service booth, a good counter layout helps display macarons, and it is also convenient for customers to choose products.

Macaron counter introduction

Macaron counters include cash registers, workbenches, glass display cabinets, storage counters, etc. We can also add multi-layer glass display cases to increase the display area. At the same time, we can also reserve space for tea barrels, beverage cabinets, refrigerators, and other equipment to help us get more customers.

  • macaron kioskCheckout counter. The cash register counter also uses as a reception desk and sets in a place with a lot of traffic. You can be the first to receive guests and help them buy macarons and food. The brand logo and menu are placed on the front of the cash register. Customers will pay attention to your brand when they place an order, which helps to promote the brand concept and company image.
  • Glass display case. The glass display counter is usually above the sweet kiosk counter. You can increase the light strip to highlight the product and attract people’s attention. And the glass can also keep the macarons and food clean from dust. Glass display cabinets are set around the counter to maximize the use of display space.
  • Storage area. The storage area is usually set at the bottom of the counter, and the storage area has cabinet doors. We can also add movable shelves in the cabinet bucket to facilitate the storage of necessities.

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Macaron kiosk decoration

Like the decoration of most dessert shops, the Macaron shop design needs to pay attention to some details while pursuing a cute and sweet style. Compared with the division of functional layout, reasonable use of tones, prominent features, and so on. Next, let’s learn about dessert shop decorations.

  1. Functional layout. The desserts kiosk in shopping malls are generally small, 3m long by 3m wide, and we can arrange suitable counters according to the working area, reception area, and dining area. The three regions should be convenient for employees and guests to order food to improve work efficiency. For a slightly larger restaurant store, you can set up the operation room in the back kitchen, and put the service counter and display area together, so that customers can quickly order food and get products.
  2. Color selection. The macaron store design is mainly based on light and warm colors. For example, combine pink, light green, purple, white, and yellow colors to obtain a good store atmosphere. Bright colors can highlight the product and store atmosphere. Pink is very popular now, and girls will like it very much. If the location allows, you can set up a message wall to help improve brand reputation.
  3. Thoughtful details. Macaron store design details are crucial. Merchants can add an excellent dining bar to the macaron counter. The location of the seating area is essential, where guests can rest, dine, and feel comfortable. In short, the design of the dining bar can bring consumers a sense of freshness and comfort and help to gain guests’ favor.

Advantages of purchasing macaron booth at Mall Kiosk

Mall-kiosk is a professional manufacturer engaged in designing and producing food kiosks, beverage kiosks, service booths, and other commercial display cabinets. Our company comprises a core team specializing in design and production for over 20 years. We help merchants from all over the world to start their businesses. No matter your idea’s uniqueness, you can get an individual macaron display case in our company.

  1. Strong design. Mall-Kiosk has a professional design team with more than ten years of display cabinet design experience and a high aesthetic level. Our plans are all tailored by the design team according to the unique ideas of the guests, which are beautiful and practical.
  2. Exquisite production skills. Our company has advanced construction technology and management system, guaranteeing project quality. After a lot of practical accumulation and learning, the workers make macaron display cabinets according to the needs of market customers and the regulations of shopping malls and government departments. We have costing and adoption teams, quality inspection teams, and our production workshop. Ensure the production process, production process, and showcase quality. We constantly innovate to make a satisfactory mall kiosk for every merchant to start the business.
  3. Good service quality. Mall-Kiosk has always adhered to the service tenet of “customer first.” We have a professional sales team and provide professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. You can contact us anytime if you have questions about the food kiosk design plan, production process, and installation. We will give timely feedback and deal with it in time. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for our progress. In the future, we will continue to work hard to provide better services to more customers.