The ice cream cart plays a big role in the business industry, it’s easy to cooperate with and can earn money back soon. Today, I want to share a nice food cart sharing with you. It’s made for US customers and is good to sell gelatos in the shopping mall.

food cart

Introduction of ice cream cart

This mobile cart has 4 wheels at the bottom, and poeple can move it to different locations to meet with more clients. Size is about 1600mm long, 600mm wide, and 2000mm tall. The primary color is gray with metal tube support, looks attractive and useful. We can also customize the mobile food cart to fit the brand theme and reserve enough space for the ice cream machine.

food cart

Details information of food cart

We mainly use MDF with baking paint surface treatment. It has a glossy and smooth finish effect to high-level the food cart booth. There is a pattern on the finish stickers to gain more style, on the back side has a locked cabinet, that uses as storage. The countertable has an ice cream machine, people can view and select ice cream directly. The top ceiling has a brand logo on the front side. That’s to show your brand theme to the clients and make them remember your ice cream kiosk well. We can also add ceiling light under the ceiling to remind poeple of your business.

ice cream cart

Custom food kiosk for sale

Mall-Kiosk Ltd. designed and produces unique mobile food concession stalls for more than 20 years. Everyone can buy unique ice cream carts, coffee carts, and even juice carts from us. Whether you plan to start with fast food kiosks or drink booths, please kindly get the ideal mall carts design from us. We are here and ready to help you.