The cell phone kiosk is suitable for selling cell phones, phone covers, and phone accessories. It’s also good to do phone repair services. When you plan to open a cell phone kiosk, wooden and white surfaces are a good choice. Today, I want to share a nice phone kiosk with you. It uses in the Switzerland mall.

cell phone kiosk

Cell phone kiosk introduction

The primary color of the cell phone kiosk is wood grain and white, which creates a natural and modern shop feeling. Most people choose wooden decoration because it looks high-end and can never go out of style. This cell phone kiosk size is 3.6m by 2.4m. We can make it the same size as your location if you like it. The primary material is plywood with a lamination surface. It is vital to use and can last for many years.

cell phone kiosk

Detail information

We can see the cashier counter set behind the TV stand. The brand logo attaches here to make people notice it. On the right hand has the experience table so that people can view cell phones with a label. Underneath is a display counter for selling items. Phone repair table set here to help expand a business.

cell phone kiosk

The corners have a curved counter with a phone case showcase area. Underneath are multiple glass shelves with light lamps. So people can show mobile phones well; besides, people won’t reach them without permission. Next is a long counter with a light box painting on the body. It has multiple drawers that help to sort out all kinds of covers and accessories.

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Produce photos show

Workers first prepare materials, then produce the cell phone kiosks. After making the phone kiosk, we will also share details with photos and videos. That is what you can get to start a business.

cell phone kiosk cell phone kiosk

Feedback photo

Both the owner and mall manager loves the kiosk. I am sure you will satisfy with our work and service. No matter when you are ready to start a business, contact us now and get more new phone kiosk designs.

cell phone kiosk