Trade show booths and pop-up shops become popular for promoting products and busines. It not only lets poeple understand your brand concept, and learn more information about products, but also a great way to increase sales. No matter you plan to start with a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall or exhibition, this cosmetic booth is a good choice.

Makeup counter

Golden and white cosmetic booth

As we can see in the design, this cosmetic booth side is 10ft by 10 ft. It has a display counter, reception table, brand logo wall, and service counter. The main color is white with golden metal decoration, creating an upscale and fantastic cosmetic shop theme.

trade show counter

Layout plan

The front side has a reception counter consisting of different levels of individual cabinets. It highly matches the brand theme and is similar to other display counters on both sides. People can view and purchase skin care products when pass by. The background consists of a “+” style in the middle. It is not only used as a brand image wall with brand logos and posters. It is also used as a room divider to separate inner space and outside space.

kiosk booth

We can hang a metal logo at the entrance, and can also put a mirror station against the back wall. So that clients can try the products, the good effect helps them make quick decisions. Besides, the water sink counter is also set on the fourth side, it is convenient for washing hands, and also won’t occupy space.

Kiosk flooring is very important for a retail beauty business because it reminds poeple to enter your shop. It is also a symbol to highlight the overall cosmetic kiosk atmosphere. Golden stainless steel edges protect the whole kiosk booth for sale.