Are you looking for a useful engraving kiosk in the shopping mall? The engraving kiosk is good for displaying jewelry, watches, crystals, and crafts items. When you plan to start a business, opening an engraving kiosk is a great idea to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice engraving kiosk with you. Let’s learn more information together.

Jewelry kiosk

Description of engraving kiosk

This engraving kiosk is fit for a 4m by 2m area, we can also customize it to fit the mall booth sizes. The primary color is wooden and white with golden metal frame decoration. It looks high end and can better show the items well. Materials includes Plywood with laminate finishes, we can also use wooden veneer to make it attractive. Other materials includes 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

Engraving booth

We can see there is glass showcase surround the jewelry kiosk. It has different levels can show items in a unique method. Each glass showcase has golden metal frame with LED light lamp, looks attractive and increase the glows. While the bottom has lockable drawers and cabinet to store the items. Besides, we can also set brand logo with metal support, vividly express the brand concept to clients. Kick light is also necessary, it makes your jewelry kiosk standing out.

Engraving showcase

Effects in the shopping mall

We can see the jewelry kiosk effect from below photos. It’s follow the mall kiosk design, workers produce each counters individually. So you can put it together when receive the kiosk.

Engraving kiosk Engraving kiosk

If you are looking for nice jewelry kiosk, don’t forget contact us. We can design and produce jewelry kiosks for you.