Are you looking for retail merchandising units to start a business? Mall retail kiosk is good for showing products and promoting services. It’s also a good way to improve brand image. Today, I want to share a nice retail merchandising unit stand with you. Let’s view more details together.

RMU stands

Description of the mall cart

We can see this retail merchandising material unit has to decorate the ceiling and wheels. Merchants can move it to the shopping mall in a suitable area. This mall cart is mainly used to sell shampoo products, hair care products, cosmetics products, etc. It has a glass showcase, brand image area, produce time, brand logo wall, and advertising area. People can understand your business and leave a deep impression when passing by.

RMU stall

Useful retail merchandising units stand

This RMU stand has a glass showcase at 4 edges, which is good for showing more items. Under the glass showcase is a locked drawer, used to store products for sale. We can also make a taller display counter in the center so that people can purchase and view more products. Above the counter, we can attach the brand logo and spotlight to the ceiling. It highlights the items and can make your retail booth outstanding.

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hair tool display

Why RMU stand popular?

  • Easy to cooperate. It needs a small area and one person can start the business well.
  • Small investment. Suitable for start-up businesses, people only need a very low start-up cost to make quick feedback.
  • Promoting products. We can design it according to the products, which is good to express items to every consumer. So that people can view and select their ideal items.
  • Enhance brand image. We can put up posters, and attach brand signage to the portable kiosk, it can high-level the shop theme and make people remember you well. Besides, the shop owner can also use it as a pop-up shop to raise popularity.