The roll-up ice cream kiosk is very popular among people because it has excellent taste and is interesting. It’s a great idea to open an ice cream kiosk in the mall to gain more clients and improve the company’s image. Here is an attractive ice cream kiosk sharing with you.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Attractive ice cream kiosk design

This ice cream kiosk mainly sells roll-up ice cream, fried yogurt, and beverage, we can also use it to sell milkshakes and smoothies.  Size is 4m by 3m, including a display counter, machine space, a topping counter, a water sink, and a brand logo. The primary color is pink and white, looks very attractive and outstanding. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes, stainless steel kick, light box painting, acrylic logo, tempered glass, etc. If you have size requirements, we can also customize it for you.

roll ice cream booth

Layout information

We can see there is a reception desk near the entrance and a tall stand with a roll decoration, vividly showing your business to people. Next to it is a topping counter, people can place beverage machines under counter for selling. The counters have tempered glass panels on the top, that uses as a sneeze guard. Merchants can put roll-up ice cream machines at the side with wall decoration. We can put up posters on the wall to attract people. The back side also has a topping and uses it as a working bench, for brand logos. And posters on the wall to leave a deep impression on clients. Learn more about coffee kiosks.

galeto kiosk

If you planning to start a smoothie kiosk, juice bar, or bubble tea kiosk, you can get wonderful design solutions. We have an excellent design team, production team, and sales team to help you get the ideal food kiosk. Send us an inquiry now to learn more information.