Coffee kiosk

Firstly, we all like to have a snack inside the mall and enjoy our cabana. It will be a very nice afternoon tea. The coffee kiosk is a very high-end design and it is very interesting to see the layout inside. The kiosks, which measure about 15x10ft, are used plywood and baking paint as substrates.

Coffee kiosk Layout 

Then the design and layout of the coffee kiosk can be divided into three parts. The first is the preparation area, which is mainly composed of the sink and the freezer area. Next to it is the cashier area and the customers’ order area. There is also the guest light belt area, next to some freezers, a cake insulation cabinet, next to will be a snack display area.

Chair design area

Besides, we love to eat something fresh, so we love to try a freshly made snack, cake, or coffee juice at a kiosk. Therefore, it is necessary to design a tasting area for guests. Three chairs are designed here. You can display the number of chairs you want according to your favorite cabinet.

Luminous logo and poster

In addition, we usually display our store logo and poster display on the front of the coffee kiosk. Generally, the luminous material design will make our express Fetting look very advanced and fashionable, which will bring a certain flow display to the coffee kiosk. The circular logo below is a luminous shape, you can design your logo into this style or you can tell us if you have a better design scheme, and we will design a new style for you in the coffee kiosk.

Customization and service

The last tur coffee kiosk display case can be customized according to your size. If you want more design or style of the coffee kiosk, you can contact our customer service. We are a customized factory, so you can tell your requirements directly to our customer service, and the customer service will communicate with you to make a new design according to the design you said. The master design will charge a small percentage of the proceeds, because the design is paid for, and our kiosks are worth paying for. If you interested in our kiosk please contact our customer service directly.