Do you plan to choose a classic coffee kiosk for business? Coffee kiosks have different styles, so starters want attractive coffee kiosk designs to earn money. We can use it to sell beverages and food to make money. It’s a great idea to choose to customize coffee counter for business. Today, I want to share a suitable coffee with you. It is used in British shopping malls.

coffee kiosk

Introduction of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk color uses blue and white, looking attractive. Size is 3m by 4m, suitable for most shopping mall and coffee store locations. It includes a service counter, working table, storage cabinet, etc. We can also attach brand logos and posters on the food counters that look good and attractive.

coffee booth

  • Front counter design: The front counter has a topping counter, and it’s good to display food to people. There is grass decoration on the counter body with a light lamp.
  • Side counter design: The right-hand side has a cashier counter and glass showcase for usage. We can add a big brand logo and name here. However, the left-hand side has a taller wall over the counter so people can prepare coffee here. The water sink is set near the coffee machine with three sales frames. It looks very creative, and people will remember your shop well.
  • Back counter design: The back counter has a wall with ceiling decoration. We can attach a logo here, and advertising posters and menus can also attract people to buy.

coffe stand

Real production photo show

The kiosk effect, color decoration, and material details from the production progress photo. The workers use the same material as 3D design drawings. Therefore, we should double-check the design details in advance. It’s save energy to view the final food booth effect and arrange all counters in advance.

coffee counter coffee cabinet

Installed at the shopping mall

The owner likes our work and services. Because it’s a well-done cafe booth, people can put all the counters and connect the wires. If you have new ideas, we can add them to your espresso kiosk solution.

espresso kiosk